When it went to market, the first model, called N°Zero, introduced a new concept of watch that was unusual in design and with a strong personality.
This watch has an international patent due to its uniqueness and technical/constructive complexity.

The first watch by I.T.A. ITALIA TECNICA ARTIGIANA is a highly recognisable product based on innovative technologies with a surprisingly aesthetic effect. It is a watch with a round polycarbonate case and wrap-around steel lugs to ensure the best fit on the wrist.

The face is in mineral glass with anti-reflective coating and the back is in steel. The special technical design of this product permits the combination of different materials: plastic and steel, plastic and gold, plastic and carbon etc. for bold stylistic and chromatic contrasts.

The strap is made of technonylon, a highly resistant and waterproof synthetic material. It is easy to remove, without the need for a screwdriver or other tools, for replacing with another of a different colour or material.

The result of this work was the sale of more than 10,000 watches in the first 6 months.

In the following years, the collection of I.T.A. ITALIA TECNICA ARTIGIANA went on to include many other watches combining innovative technology, technical materials and sophisticated design.

Designers and product managers follow every single step of stylistic development and production, from the first hand sketches to 2D and 3D rendering, the prototyping phase and, lastly, mass production. Before being put on the market, each watch is tested in accordance with high quality standards.

All the watches are unique and a glamorous alternative to their traditional counterparts.

Sophisticated? Exuberant? Chic? Elegant? Sporty? No single adjective properly describes the timepieces by I.T.A.