I.T.A. Italia Tecnica Artigiana® was established with a desire to reaffirm, in the complex world of watchmaking, the importance of Italian design and style, recognised and appreciated the world over. This commitment has led us to create collections of watches that are utterly unique, immediately recognisable and quintessentially Italian.

Italian style as a key element of design; technical and constructive innovation as a form of competitiveness; and careful craftsmanship to bring out every detail: these are the hallmarks of development.

is all about combining and expressing these concepts with the industrial and cultural value that I.T.A. Italia Tecnica Artigiana® represents: tradition and innovation, and an ability to observe, interpret and anticipate our times.

Research & development of our products and style and technical solutions is carried out entirely in Italy.

The I.T.A. brand has always supported the sales activities of its dealers with advertising and editorial communication initiatives.